Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The children have had a great time working in the ISM gardens at Arusha campus!
Enjoy theses pictures

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ISM Extra Curricula Activity - TREES!

Dear Friends and Families of ISM,
On Wed, we started a new ECA at the ISM Arusha Campus!
"Seedlings" was the name given to us. We were started by the garden club, and we are wanting to cooperate with parents, students, teachers, and the community. We plan to learn about trees and plant them so that we might start tree nurseries and even a forest!
Two students are in the club, Timmy and Rachel. Timmy came today, he is also in the garden club and is learning about plants and seeds in class.
We started in the library today. That is our home base. We were the ' ISM Tree Dream Team" today! We put together our plan in the library and got a map of the main areas of the campus.
NEXT we used the game called "frisbee golf" to move from tree to tree, It was fun, then for all the trees in our game, we did a
"Tree Photo Survey". This helped us learn to use the camera and to get be familiar with a few trees at the ISM Arusha Campus.
We also took "Leaf and Seed Samples",from each tree which we photographed, however, only one tree had seeds at this time!
AFTER that, we went to the computer room, where we showed our pictures to Christine. We will later post those online in an album with a link on this blog.
LATER, we returned and were welcomed by the librarian. Earlier we saw that the librarians had organized a bookshelf on seeds, plants, and trees. We hope to add some things from ISM to that collection.
FINALLY, in the library we reflected on what we did and started to look to next week and beyond!

Next week starts the "Tree Explorer Team'. We will play a little frisbee golf again as we do a 'big area' survey to explore, find. and photograph trees with seeds. We want to find seeds and then plan seedbeds.

Sports Idea!
Maybe we could try to start a 'Frisbee Golf -Tree Explorer' course'? The course would model the game of golf and mark different tree species, which would serve as the different frisbee golf 'holes'. The player would see how few attempts it takes to reach the tree. The tree would provide shade and serve as the 'tee off' spot for the next hole! There could be two '9 hole' courses, which could be played seperately or together as an '18 hole' full course depending on time constraints. The course could be flexible, and 'trees holes' may change until a more permenant option is set up. The frisbee game could be combined with a game to 'name the tree' and 'one fact' before you tee off to get a better score! It could then be played by the students on lunch break to create fun, and spark interest and to have fun with trees and forestry!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our ISM Trees on Arusha Campus!

"We all need sheltering trees"
A trees is like a friend. Friends are people who shelter and protect. They are there for you!

Trees are a Beautiful Part of ISM Arusha

Trees are a wonderful part of the campus. What type of things do trees provide for us on this campus?

Lots of Rain and Green Landscapes

The fields are green near ISM. The clouds are bringing the precious rain. Only the bottom portion of Mt. Meru is visible today!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ISM Tree Projects, Parents, Clubs, and Website

This is the first blog for the new new ISM tree project. Some parents from the ISM Gardening club and others have started this project at the International School of Moshi (Arusha Campus).
A new ECA club is being started on campus for the students in Arusha. We hope to use this and other communication tools like blogs and this website to communicate, have fun, and learn about trees, by doing, planting, researching, taking pictures, and sharing what we know!
The main thing is to have fun, build friendships, and do something that is interesting, helpful, and worthwhile!
Stay in touch! Post your comments, and lets get started together!