Thursday, May 1, 2008

TREES - Cutting them, Using Them, Protecting Them - PLUS Links!

Forestry: Forestation and Deforestation
Here are alot of links. Something to remember about agroforestry is that all forests need protection, and if we care for the forests and manage them properly then we can get products from the forests and still keep the forests. Its not wrong to cut a tree. We get many products from trees, and we need to learn to manage trees. The problem is that we are taking more trees than we are planting. In the past people did not really think about planting trees...they just grew back on their own. Now this generation of people needs to understand everything about trees and how to manage and use them and their forests, because LOTS of things in the environment is linked to the trees....LIKE US!!!There are lots of things to learn about cutting trees, and we need to take a stand against deforestation, but at the same time realize we use many products made from trees and wood. Hey, think about that paper and pencil that you just used today? Made from wood possibly? What about your desks, and doors that you walked through, etc. etc, just look around. Wood is a renewable commodity, and its products are used in many think about how to use trees, and then go out and learn how to plants some OR help somebody else in their tree planting, and tree PLANNING efforts....Have a great day, friends!
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